Free iPhone hotspot

iPhone to Pc

  1. Go on the start menu and type ad hoc.


2. Click on “create an ad hoc network”.


3. A windows appears, click on next.

4. You can now create an ad hoc network. Give it a name by example : « Ad Hoc » then click on next and close.


5. The network is created. Go on the iPhone, in the settings, select the network you created and then click on the blue arrow next to the network to access the settings.

Sans titre18

6. Click on the Static tab and give a valid IP address such as

7. For the subnet mask, type


8. Click on the Wi-Fi button to validate.

9. Go back on the Pc. In the taskbar, click on the wi-fi icon and check if the Ad Hoc network is chosen.


10. Right click on the network then click on status.


11. Click on properties.


12. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 and then on properties.


13. A new windows appears, click on the « Alternative configuration » tab and click on « User configured ». Put a IP address such as and for the subnet mask :


14. Click on OK and close the window.

You have 2 choices :

– Configure each application of your PC. (Step 15 to 29)
– Download proxifier to configure automatically (Free but only 30 days : Step 31 to 36)

15. You need to configure your favorite browser now.

16. I choose Firefox because it’s the easiest to set up.

17. Open firefox,
 go to tools and on the network tab.


18. Click on settings.

19. Click on Manual proxy configuration 
and uncheck « Use this proxy server for all protocols ».

20. Under SOCKS Host enter the IP address that you give to your iPhone (It’s

21. For the port, put 8888.

22. Choose socks 5.


23. Click on OK.

24. In the browser location bar (the place where you type web addresses), type about:config and press Enter. This opens a different set of Firefox preferences.

25. Where it says ‘Filter:’ at the top, type network.proxy.socks. The list of preferences will automatically change to show your proxy preferences.

26. Highlight ‘network.proxy.socks_remote_dns’ by clicking it only once. Then, right-click it. This opens a small pull-down menu. Select ‘Toggle’ from the menu to change its value to ‘true’.

You can also double click to change the value to ‘true’.


27. Close Firefox and restart it.

28. Go back on the iPhone and activate socks Proxy. If it was activated, disable and activate again! It’s really important. (the IP address must be the one that you enter for the iPhone. If it’s not, disable and activate it again).

29. Browse the Internet.
30. The other possibility to configure your computer to access the internet is to download proxifier. (It’s not free but there is a trial of 30 days).

31. Download and install proxifier :

32. Click on the icon which is behind « File ».

33. A new window appears, click on Add and type the IP address given to your iPhone (

34. Check socks 5.


35. Click on OK and OK.

36. Go back on your iPhone and active the socks proxy. If it was activated, disable and activate again! It’s really important. (the IP address must be the one that you enter for the iPhone)


5 responses to “iPhone to Pc

  1. David March 17, 2013 at 9:45 am

    After I had set up everything, when I open my Internet browser, google search works but other websites, just blocked me, did I do something wrong ?

  2. Mike March 26, 2013 at 2:03 am

    Works good… Thank you.

  3. Rudy June 6, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    this app works great

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