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iPhone to Mac (Socks Proxy)

1. Create an ad hoc network on your Mac or Pc. Here are the details for Mac.

Click on the icon Wifi then on Create a network. Give it a name such as « Ad Hoc » and create it.


2. Go on system preferences and click on network. Check if the ad hoc network is chosen.

3. Click on « Advanced » and TCP/IP.


4. Click on TCP/IP and choose « manually » in the IPV4 configuration address instead of « Via DHCP »

5. Put a IPv4 address such as If this address is already used, replace the last figure by an other. For the submask network, enter « ». Click on OK.


6. Go on the iPhone, in the settings, select the network you created and then click on the blue arrow next to the network to access the settings.
Sans titre18

7. Click on the Static tab and give a valid IP address such as

8. For the subnet mask, type


9. Click on the Wi-Fi button to validate.

10. Go back on your Mac on the ad hoc network details.

11. Click on the proxy tab. Click on “Proxy Socks” on the protocol to configure. Then on server, type the address IP given to your iPhone (It was and for the port 8888.

Capture d’écran 2013-01-04 à 17.26.24

12. Click on OK and APPLY !

13. Go on your iPhone ! Open iRinger and create the event “Tethering123” or select it.

14. Active Socks proxy and check that the IP address if the one given to your iPhone. If it was activated, disable and activate it again! It’s really important.
15. You can access the web !



2 responses to “iPhone to Mac (Socks Proxy)

  1. John Bryan May 10, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    Trying to teather to another iPhone that has no data service. How do I do this? Thanks!

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